What happens when women decide to love their bodies, no matter what size?

About the documentary

The Fat Body (In)visible, a short (24 min.) documentary by fat activist Margitte Kristjansson, investigates the relationships two San Diego-area women have with their bodies. Through individual interviews and vignettes featuring the two women about town, Kristjansson illustrates not only how women in general are told to feel about their bodies, but also how these two particular women work to make their fat bodies seen in a world that would rather they remain hidden. Body acceptance activists Keena and Jessica’s stories detail the intricacies of identity and the intersections of race and…

“…a minor miracle of feminist, body-positive activism for the early 21st century.”

— David Serlin, author, Window Shopping with Helen Keller: Architecture and Disability in Modern Culture

“…a compelling look at the world of fat acceptance and what it’s like to be a fat woman in America today.”

— Harriet Brown, author, Brave Girl Eating: A Family’s Struggle With Anorexia

“…necessary, beautiful, smart, thoughtful, vivid…”

— Lesley Kinzel, author, Two Whole Cakes