About the Film

The Fat Body (In)visible, a short (24 min.) documentary by fat activist Margitte Kristjansson, investigates the relationships two San Diego-area women have with their bodies. Through individual interviews and vignettes featuring the two women about town, Kristjansson illustrates not only how women in general are told to feel about their bodies, but also how these two particular women work to make their fat bodies seen in a world that would rather they remain hidden. Body acceptance activists Keena and Jessica’s stories detail the intricacies of identity and the intersections of race and gender with fatness; the women themselves find new and inventive ways to be proudly visible subjects through the strategic use of fashion and social media. The film explores important tactics used by both women to enact visibility on their own terms, while simultaneously encouraging others to join in celebrating body diversity.

Special thanks to Hannah Dick and Ivana Guarassi for editing and production assistance, Christopher Head for additional production assistance, Kyla Hagedorn for photography, and Alana Post for web development.