About the Director

Margitte Kristjansson is a (former) PhD student, fat activist, blogger, and filmmaker. She resides in San Diego, CA with her partner Chris and their cat, Sugar.

At UCSD, Margitte’s work focused primarily on fat fashion, fat consumption practices, and examining the queerness of fat embodiment. Her other research interests included fat activism, histories of body regulation, articulating fat culture, and uncovering anti-fat biases in media representations of the fat body.

As an activist, Margitte is dedicated to radical, fat-positive politics and community-building, online and in real life. She generally aligns herself with queer, anti-racist feminism, and believes that it is crucial (and most fruitful) to examine fat identity at its intersections.

Margitte has been an invited speaker at conferences, events, and in classrooms across the country. If you would like to book Margitte, please use this contact form.